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ISRAGREEN Ltd is a subsidiary of the Israeli company J-GROUP-GLOBAL LTD, which has extensive experience in different agricultural areas in several countries.

ISRAGREEN Ltd uses in its work the latest Israeli developments, technologies, knowledge and experience of Israeli experts and scientists.

Our company presents itself on the Georgian market as a supplier of technologies, projects and services in following main areas:

  • Greenhouses and accessories for them

  • Systems of drip and sprinkle irrigation

  • Anti hail nets

  •  Training workshop for knowledge and experience improving

All products provided by our company have certificates and documentations from the manufacturer.


Isragreen Services

Agro-business from A to Z

ISRAGREEN Ltd specializes in a complex “turnkey” projects, which developed in order to provide optimal solutions for the agricultural production organization. These solutions are supported by innovative production technologies for all agricultural sectors. The constant contact with the leaders of Israel agribusiness, as well as experience in the implementation of advanced technology is a guarantee of success and profitability of projects adapted to specific customer requirements.

What is a “turnkey” project?

The company takes responsibility for the project from A to Z, thus completely eliminating the customer from any kind of problems and concerns.

The only thing remains to do – take the “key” of the finished project.

ISRAGREEN “turnkey” project includes:

  • Client support at the earliest project stages.

  • Development of the most competitive solutions in the task framework.

  • Design.

  • Equipment supplying and installation.

  • Construction.

  • Technical support at all project stages.

  • Agro-maintenance (service) at all stages after the launch.

Modern technologies

ISRAGREEN Ltd develops and implements agricultural and forestry projects in a various climate zones. Accumulated over the decades the knowledge and experience of the Israeli agro-complex, along with the high company reputation forming a strong foundation for successful agronomic and forestry enterprises creating. Cooperation with us guarantees your business the advanced engineering solutions usage. ISRAGREEN Ltd range of activities covers all project stages – from the initial consultations and a feasibility study till project full implementation and technical support during the first years of activity.

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